Samaritans of Singapore – SUICIDE IS SERIOUS


Suicide has always been a taboo subject in Singapore. This makes it harder for vulnerable individuals to speak up and ask for help.


While suicide remains shrouded in silence, people online speak of killing themselves all the time. Of course, they don’t really mean it. But few realise that their words are trivialising the issue.



During Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we used these popular online expressions to start a conversation and get people talking openly about suicide.

Social film

We got the people closest to suicide to read these posts that make light of suicide and share their feelings about it.


Using social listening, we looked at real conversations online to find the most common trivial reasons people were “taking their lives”. The findings were then shared on Facebook and Instagram, where these conversations were happening.

SOS-DOOH-Boredom V2.gif


The data was also amplified in out-of-home spaces that were contextually relevant to these flippant posts.


Singapore Creative Circle Awards 2017 - Bronze (Online Film)