trash that isn't trash



We all know recycling is good for the environment. But the truth is, recycling never comes to mind when people throw things out at home. What’s more, anything that goes into the bin is automatically seen as trash. We need to break this line of thought. If we want people to rethink their garbage, we need to rethink the bin.

Equipping every household with a trash bin that isn’t just for trash.

Readers are encouraged to start recycling by first changing the way they use their bins. They just have to give their bin a quick makeover by folding the ad and inserting it down the middle.

This serves as a reminder to help people sort their waste right at the moment of disposal. So that the act of recycling is always top-of-mind and will eventually become second nature to them.

Young Lions 2016 1


How it works:

Young Lions 2016 1