unlimited joy MACHINE


Standard Chartered wanted to introduce a new credit card that rewarded customers with unlimited cashback on all their spends. They saw this as a launch campaign of the best cashback card in Singapore. But we saw this as a chance to set free our inner ten-year-old. So we created a pinball machine. One that lets you score unlimited cashback, while having endless fun.

SCB Unlimited Joy full

The classic pinball machine showed how earning cashback rewards was flippin' easy.


SCB Unlimited Joy 1

Zipping past tropical islands and down shopping streets, the ball racked up cashback on everything it hit.


SCB Unlimited Joy 2

The entire machine also sprang to life, with dolphins leaping and flames flaring to the rollicking beat.


SCB Unlimited Joy 3

Many have asked us if it’s a real machine. While we would have loved to make an actual, playable machine, it was created entirely in 3D animation. Kudos to Cirkus for making the textures and lighting so true to life.



New York Festivals Midas Awards 2017, 2 Golds & 1 Silver